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Bending Machine Trouble Shooting

●Bending Spindle feed and quick back
Possible Cause:

1.bender Reed switch Unlocated on the cylinder or breakdown.

2.bender Limit switches&Proximity sensor unlocated or breakdown


1-1.Replace the new bender reed switch or relocated

2-1.Replace or relocated the new limit switch&Proximity sensor

●bending machine Spindle feed and not back:
Possible Cause:

1.bending machine Piston and Spindle get stuck

2.bending machine Piston and main shaft get stuck

3.Separation of the cylinder Piston and the bending machine Spindle

4.Spindle derformation, bender locating plate offset or locating inside part unlocated

5.After bending, steel bar stuck on the spindle, spindle can not back


1-1.clean the iron dust and add the grease on the Piston and Spindle. Or replace

2-1.clean the iron dust between bender Piston and main shaft.

3-1.Re-lock the bender cylinder or replace

4-1.Replace the new spindle, adjust bending machine locating plate offset or locating internal

5-1.Replace the new bending machine spindle

●Bending arm can not back:
Possible Cause:

1.Locating Ring unlocated or Proximity sensor breakdown.

2.bending machine Spindle and main shaft get stuck

3.Main shaft bending machine bearing get stuck


1-1.Re-lock the bending machine locating ring or change Proximity sensor

2-1.clean the iron dust and add the grease on the main shaft. Or replace

3-1.Clean the bending machine bearing or change new one

●Solenoid valve base air leak:
Possible Cause:

1.bender Cylinder oil seal fatigue or breakdown bender


1-1.Replace the new bender oil seal or bender cylinder。

●Bending arm not work:
Possible Cause:

1. Setting Count has been achieved.

2. bender Limit switch breakdown or not adjusted

3. bender Electric reducer shaft breakdown, or gear breakdown.

4. bender Bearing get stuck and breakdown

5. bending machine Motor over heating


1-1. Re-set the bending machine number

2-1. Replace or adjusted the bending machine limit switch.

1-1. Replace the new electric reducer

4-1. Clean the bender bearing or change new one

5-1. Replace the new bending motor

●Machine head moving difficulty:
Possible Cause:

1. Plate broke and tear

2. bending Machine head base and bearing broke and tear.


1-1. Replace new bending plate

2-1. Replace new bending machine bearing

●Machine head have different sound:
Possible Cause:

1. Second gear bending machine bearing breakdown in machine head, shaft get stuck


1-1. Replace the new bearing or shaft

●Packing plate not work:
Possible Cause:

1. Iron dust get stuck

2. Cylinder air leak

3. Solenoid valve breakdown


1-1. Clean the iron dust or the other

2-1. Replace the oil seal or bender cylinder

3-1. Replace the Solenoid valve

●Motor have work, but Bending arm not work:
Possible Cause:

1.bending machine motor’s shaft breakdown


1-1.Replace the new bending machine motor

●Bending arm bend over or not back:
Possible Cause:

1. bender Limit switches breakdown or unlocated

2. bending machine Controler overload protective device tripping or burned


1-1. Adjusting the bender Limit switches or replace

2-1.Re-open the electromagnetic switch or replace

●Bending bushing breakdown
Possible Cause:

1.Bending bushing screw not locking


1-1. Re-Locking the bushing screw

●Reduce the number of bending:
Possible Cause:

1. motor overheating


1-1. Replace motor coil

●Spindle feed but not bending, No.1 head or No.5 head spindle back immediately, the other bending arms still work:
Possible Cause:

1.limit switch port in the opened contact


1-1. Replace limit switch

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