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DH-FW30 Rebar Friction Welding Machine DH-FW30 Rebar Friction Welding Machine DH-FW30 Rebar Friction Welding Machine DH-FW30 Rebar Friction Welding Machine DH-FW30 Rebar Friction Welding Machine DH-FW30 Rebar Friction Welding Machine
    DH-FW30 Rebar Friction Welding Machine


Automatic Friction Welding Machine

1. No external heat or additional welding rod is needed.

2. The strength of the welding point is greater than the original material

3. Friction-welding process is a very fast joint method, which is 5 times faster than threading.

4. Suitable for automation for mass production and lower the labor cost

5. Friction Welding coupler has been generally applied to skyscraper, infrastructure, high-tech plants and seismic belt

Automatic Friction Welding Machine 



Spindle Speed (RPM)

1800 RPM

Max. Material size on spindle side (mm.)


Main Spindle Motor


Servo motor-Max. Thrust (TON)


Welding capacity diameter range

Ø16- Ø40

Cooling model

Oil cooling


Wet multiple magnetic clutch

Brake device

Wet multiple magnetic brake
Braking time 0.2sec
Control system Touch panel

Welding material

Aluminum,Iron,Steel,Copper,Stainless steel,Steel bar
Friction welding is a welding method "solid", by axial pressure and rotation of mechanical friction, so that the heat generating surface of the friction material in a semi-molten state, and then applying pressure piece, integrally welded firmly same or dissimilar metals.
The welding surface is melted together at both ends of the metal, and the connecting point is strong and tough, and the strength of tensile and torsional resistance far exceeds the strength of arc welding and argon welding.
1.Dissimilar materials can be welded together, For example, the stainless steel material can be welded with ordinary iron materials with various medium and high carbon steel materials, However,Require annealing after completed welding high carbon steel.
2.After welding, the materials at both ends are not easily deformed, Center eccentricity difference within 0.5m/m,To ensure the quality of the work piece can reduce the processing reservation,Can reduce materials and processing costs
3.The cost of production using friction welding is lower than that of forging, also It can be formed quickly. However, the strength is not less than of forged products, and the surface is cleaner.
4.It does not require the use of expendable materials such as fuels or metal-filled solvents, gases, etc., and generates uniform heat with friction between the contact surfaces, so there is no arc or toxic material to improve the working environment.
1.Optical scale positioning module
 -Easy and fast operation, precise length adjustment
 -Detectable work piece length

Optical scale positioning module
2.Rotary angle positioning
 -both ends of the work piece after welding can be stopped at certain angles
3. Inverter
 -Adjustable spindle speed
 -Save spindle start energy consumption
 -Extended service life

4.Chip system
 -Increased chip system
 -Servo Motor Chips (Simple PLC Control or CNC Program Control)

Chip system
5.Electric control box cooling system
 -Standard original fan
 - Upgradeable the heat exchanger or air conditioner.

Electric control box cooling system
6.Electric control box cooling system
 -Standard original fan
 - Upgradeable the heat exchanger or air conditioner.
7.Mechanical full cover safety guard
8.Bar Conveyor
Advantages of servo control
Stable operation without being subjected to oil temperature. High-precision weld is possible. Angle control expands the range of the application of friction welding such as to phase adjusting workpiece. Servo control reduces more carbon dioxide emissions than hydraulic control dose. Better energy-saver. No oil leakage >>> Improved working environment. No waste oil >>> Environment-friendly. Feedback control of forge force enables smooth drive at low speed range. Uniform output under any conditions (temperature, humidity and so on) Downsized hydraulic unit >>> Space-saving and low noise.
DH-FW Specification form

Machine specifications




welding ability

Round rod diameter

Ø9 ~ Ø25 Ø15 ~ Ø36 Ø20 ~ Ø60

Pipe Fittings

Ø16 Ø48.3 Ø88.9

The Max. length of the rotating side

300 mm 300 mm 300 mm

The length of the fixed side

9m 9m 9m

Maximum thrust

Frictional heating time

8,000 Kg 10,000 Kg 12,000 Kg

Forging pressurization

16,000 Kg 20,000 Kg 26,000 Kg


Number of spindle rotation (50Hz)

3000 rpm 2250 rpm 1780 rpm

Number of spindle rotation (60Hz)

2500 rpm 1780 rpm 1570 rpm

Clutch Direction

Oil Actuated Multi-Disc Clutch and Brake

Clutch Torque

800 (N.m) 800 (N.m) 1600 (N.m)

brakes System Direction

Oil Actuated Multi-Disc Clutch and Brake

brakes System Dynamic Torque

800 (N.m) 800 (N.m) 1600 (N.m)

Brakinf Time

0.3 sec 0.3 sec 0.3 sec

Spindle Fixture

Three-jaw 6”/(Hydraulic Pressure) Three-jaw 8”/(Hydraulic Pressure) Three-jaw 10”/(Hydraulic Pressure)

Slide Speed

Rapid Traverse rate

20 m/min 20 m/min 20 m/min

Machine Processing speed

1~1000 mm/min 1~1000 mm/min 1~1000 mm/min

The Max. moving

150 mm 200 mm 250 mm

work piece clamping manner

Vise splint method

Horizontal double-open synchronous fixture

Clamping force

8,600 Kg 17,000 Kg 25,000 Kg

Processing Methods

Size adjustment

0 ~ 100 mm 0 ~ 100 mm 0 ~ 100 mm

Time adjustment

0 ~ 999 秒 0 ~ 999 秒 0 ~ 999 秒

Motor Power


22 kw 30 kw 37 kw

Hydraulic Pressure

5 kw 9 kw 9 kw

Servo motors

7 kw 9 kw 11 kw

Hydraulic Oil Temperature cooling system

1.5T / 1.1 Kw 2T / 2 Kw 2T / 2 Kw


Machine Dimensions

2750 x 2800 x 2000 2750 x 3100 x 2000 2750 x 3400 x 2000

Machine Weight

6,000 Kg 6,800 Kg 7,300 Kg


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