DT-BD2-10FR Rebar Bending Machine

  • Description
    DT-BD2-10FR Operation Characteristics
    1. This machine is easy to operate.Itis easy to measure the length,bend automatically and form quickly.
    2. It is easy to adjust the length,width,angle and space.
    3.High efficiency.Average daily machine quantity:12000 bars per man.
    4.High accuracy.Lower down the labor cost.
  • Specification

    Diameter for the bending steel

    SD D10mm-D32mm

    Number of bending steel in one time


    Maximum bending length


    Bending angle

    0~ 180

    Bending direction

    Clockwise 1sets(Left side)
    Counterclockwise 1set(Right side)

    Bending speed

    54/ 1 sec

    Horse power of motor

    4.4 KW x 2(Bend) 2.2KW x 1(Air compressor)
    2.2 KW x 1(Conveyer)

    Power supply

    3 Phase 220V 60HZ air 6kg/cm2

    Machine size (LXWXH)

    12370 X 2132 X 1715


    Allowed dimension for bending
  • Video