Auto Rebar Bending Machine

Automatic rebar bending machine with unique technology and international patents, the control system designed with PLC and touch panel let bending operation are convenient and safety, high durability design with high production could be produce 8000 pcs of reinforcement steel per day, especially suitable for processing large amount steel bar. Particular option software have communication function ability could connect with Robot Arms.

  • Darhung offers servo driving rebar bending machine, automatic moving bender and bending center with high capacity and high efficiency.
  • Shapes will be able to set on the touch screen. You only need to select the shape in panel and can easily start the bending.
  • DARHUNG 5 arms bender is most suitable for bending shapes of any type, square stirrups and multiple angles
  • Rebar bender machine has advanced technology is introduced from Taiwan experience
  • High precision of PLC control is precisely working with angle, it is no need manual adjustment (Manual option)
  • Automatically moving with servo motor, no need to measure the length, also have manually option machine
  • maximum diameter for bending is 60mm, bending range 0°-180°, bending 9 pcs of Rebar in one time