DT-B624 Rebar Bending Machine

  • Description

    1. This machine is easy to operate. It is easy to measure the length, bend automatically and form quickly.
    2. Easy to adjust machining distance & angle, minimum machining distance among the same type machines, max, bending numbers at once, and most stable workbility.
    3. High efficiency, average daily processing capacity: single group work: 10,000ea./man; three groups work: 30,000ea./man (based on curve hook standard)
    4. It is easy to adjust the length, width, angle and space.
    5. High accuracy. Lower down the labor cost.
    6. 6 Arms(Head) Bending machine also can extend to construction site machine, easy to move, adjust
    7. Import PLC and touchable screen
    8. Bending & clamping unit to enhance procision
    9. Heavy Loading shift for large batch material
    10. water Proof
    11. Surface heat treatment

  • Specification

    Diameter for the bending steel


    Number of bending
    steel in one time


    bending length


    Bending angle

     0~ 180

    Bending direction

    Clockwise      3sets(Left side)
    Counterclockwise   3set(Right side)

    Bending speed

     90/ 1 sec 

    Horse power of motor

    1.5KW x 6(Bend) 1.5KW
    x 1(Air compressor)
    0.4KW x 1(conveyer)

    Power supply

     3Phase220V  60HZ AIR  6kg/cm²

    Machine size

     6600 X 2257 X 1262




  • Video