DT-BD16L Rebar Automatic Stirrup Bender

  • Description

    The particular patented straightening system, constituted by sets of horizontal and vertical rollers that can be automatically adjusted, is integrated with pulling roller that eliminate the torsion with patent mechanism, which is driven by servomotor, thus ensuring a perfect straightening accuracy.


    The bending and cutting unit, driven by servomotor, is equipped with turning and retractile bending pins. After received a signal from computer, the cutting unit starts and cut in the twinkling, guaranteed the tolerance of the stirrup.


    The feeding system from coil of this mode, for single or double strand, by means of two motorized and braked pay-off, is controlled by computer to adjust the feeding speed. A particular patented designed spring unit with each pay-off can reduce the resistance and instability.


    For this CNC stirrup bender, many electric and pneumatic parts are imported from Japan and German, such as PLC, servomotor and reducer.
    A stirrup available to the most 30bends; 500 different stirrups parameter can be stored in the computer memory and also can be automatically recalled and used according to the wire to be processed, which will be rational displayed on the screen.
    The machine needs no pause and stop while processing stirrups of any shapes and adjusting bending angle.
    With self-diagnosis, there are two standard exit (RS232/RS422), throng which the electric encoder can be joined.

  • Specification


    Number of bending steel in one time

     Double strandDouble strandsingle strand

    Bending angle

    0° - 180°

    The Min to the Max Bending Length

    100 - 1000 (Finishing Length)

    Bending speed

    Bending speed

    1000° / 1 sec

    Horse power of motor

    15KW X 2

    Machine size

    3600 X 1300 X1800mm





    DT-BD16A (Steel bar)

    Diameters with single strand


    Diameters with double strand


    Max & Min length of the stirrup side

    D13-16 100-1200mm
    D10 70-1200mm

    Max bending angle


    Max puling speed


    Max bending speed


    Length tolerance


    Bending tolerance


    Labelled electric power


    Production capacity

    15噸 / 10小時 (一名工人)





    Control System

    PLC with 14" Touch pannel
    Error message automatic detection

  • Video