Rebar Friction Welding Machine

  • Our patented “Friction Welding Machine with Servo Mechanism” uses a servo motor to drive a screw and turns traditional hydraulic pressure values into digital data. Making it possible to produce well coupled Rebar with consistent quality and therefore greatly reinforcing the structural integrity of any building while exceeding government safety regulations. Also, our technology also eliminates any human errors that may be caused by inexperienced workers. And once the verified data have been entered, our machine will handle the rest of the process. 
  • Using the latest servo drive, the welding efficiency of our rebar friction welding machine can be faster and more accurate.
  • Our full touch panel can be much more flexible, changeable and high degree of freedom which is able to equipped with cutting device and driving pushing structure by automatic cutting waste servo motor. The use of friction welding in production process ensures such benefits as high process efficiency, high productivity, very good properties of joints and safe working conditions.
  • The coupler cost of using friction welding is lower than that offorging, and it can be formed quickly.Its strength is no less than that of forged products, and the surfaceis cleaner.


  • Advantages of friction welding machine
  1. Using the latest servo drive, the shift is more accurate
  2. Free and fast moving shift speed
  3. Does not affect the oil temperature
  4. Full touch panel can be flexible and flexible, with high degree of freedom
  5. Can be attached with cutting device, automatic cutting waste
  6. Using well-known brand parts from all countries, accurate accuracy
  7. 5 times faster than traditional car shaping
  8. Fully automated production, increased production and reduced manpower