DARHUNG MACHINERY (original from DARTIEE Inc.) was founded in 1972 and headquartered in Taichung, Taiwan,  DARHUNG is Taiwan leading company in the production of automatic machines for reinforcement steel cut and bend processing, we have been awarded ISO 9001: 2015 International Certification and CE certification, we have almost 92% market share in TAIWAN and also the largest manufacturer of Rebar processing machinery.

Rebar Shearing Line

DARHUNG Rebar shearing line is PARTICULAR customized production, and also make various designs layout according to customer’s factory. It's capable with every grade ribbed steel with high-quality shearing, Rebar transverse feeding, sorting, transportation, fixed length to cut and discharging, all of processing is automatically and controlled by the computer with servo motor, high production and accuracy with labor saving

The equipment mainly used for steel cut and bend processing center, the national main construction, liquefied natural building site, roads, railways and other fields.

Auto Rebar Bending Machine

Automatic rebar bending machine with unique technology and international patents, the control system designed with PLC and touch panel let bending operation are convenient and safety, high durability design with high production could be produce 8000 pcs of reinforcement steel per day, especially suitable for processing large amount steel bar. Particular option software have communication function ability could connect with Robot Arms.

  • Darhung offers servo driving rebar bending machine, automatic moving bender and bending center with high capacity and high efficiency.
  • Shapes will be able to set on the touch screen. You only need to select the shape in panel and can easily start the bending.
  • DARHUNG 5 arms bender is most suitable for bending shapes of any type, square stirrups and multiple angles
  • Rebar bender machine has advanced technology is introduced from Taiwan experience
  • High precision of PLC control is precisely working with angle, it is no need manual adjustment (Manual option)
  • Automatically moving with servo motor, no need to measure the length, also have manually option machine
  • maximum diameter for bending is 60mm, bending range 0°-180°, bending 9 pcs of Rebar in one time


Rebar Friction Welding Machine
  • Our patented “Friction Welding Machine with Servo Mechanism” uses a servo motor to drive a screw and turns traditional hydraulic pressure values into digital data. Making it possible to produce well coupled Rebar with consistent quality and therefore greatly reinforcing the structural integrity of any building while exceeding government safety regulations. Also, our technology also eliminates any human errors that may be caused by inexperienced workers. And once the verified data have been entered, our machine will handle the rest of the process. 
  • Using the latest servo drive, the welding efficiency of our rebar friction welding machine can be faster and more accurate.
  • Our full touch panel can be much more flexible, changeable and high degree of freedom which is able to equipped with cutting device and driving pushing structure by automatic cutting waste servo motor. The use of friction welding in production process ensures such benefits as high process efficiency, high productivity, very good properties of joints and safe working conditions.
  • The coupler cost of using friction welding is lower than that offorging, and it can be formed quickly.Its strength is no less than that of forged products, and the surfaceis cleaner.


  • Advantages of friction welding machine
  1. Using the latest servo drive, the shift is more accurate
  2. Free and fast moving shift speed
  3. Does not affect the oil temperature
  4. Full touch panel can be flexible and flexible, with high degree of freedom
  5. Can be attached with cutting device, automatic cutting waste
  6. Using well-known brand parts from all countries, accurate accuracy
  7. 5 times faster than traditional car shaping
  8. Fully automated production, increased production and reduced manpower
Auto Stirrup Bending Machine
  • Our stirrup bending machine also provide automatic wire feeding system. The working angle can be rotated to ensure a larger processing range. Driven by servo motor which has high-precision, ensures the accuracy of length of ± 1mm and angle accuracy of ± 1.
  • DH-B16L will be able to process any complicated shapes and set in automatic system, which raises up the productivity and contributing to efficiency increase at factories plant.
  • option PC base equipment, which enables you to send processing data from office to DH-B16L
Rebar Straightening Machine

Automatic wire straightening and cutting machine line is designed based on advanced experience abroad, raw material is cold steel,  it's high straightening efficiency, high precision, it has software management system, which can directly achieve automatic data transmission and scanning input, environmental protection and energy saving, high yield, good quality, obvious economic benefits.

Wire Straightener and Cutter Machine: Wire diameter from 1.8-16mm, the maximum speed is 130m/min

The structure of servo cutting and the measuring unit is simple but functional, and the precision of measuring unit is very high;

High precision of PLC control, LCD display is easy for operating, have mighty graphics library

Construction CUT & BEND

The design comes from a steel bar cutting machine and bending machine, all machine structure with water proof and high efficiency, quick to install and uninstall in 2 hours , very suitable for construction site have no roof and crane.

Other Machine
  • Dial adjust Rebar Bender with auto feeding and discharging machine
  • Diameter of large radius (Φ250・300・400・500・600) are support
  • Portable Rebar Cutter and Bender supply
Software and robot
  • Rebar Processing Automation Software optional
  • Robot with Bending machine and Stirrup Machine
  • Auto cutting Management optional
  • Auto Bending Management
Global Marketing

DARHUNG keep receiving excellent feedbacks from foreign customers. Other than manufacturing and selling products, we also provide the best Taiwan reinforcement steel solutions and customized machines to our worldwide customers.






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