• Small and Medium Enterprise Administration, Ministry of Economic Affairs-The 28th Taiwan SMEs Innovation Award Winner


  • The "Friction Welding" method has been a staple of construction in Taiwan for many years. The steps of Friction welding are as followed: Warmup, normal pressure then forging pressure. The traditional method of using 2 hydraulic cylinders as the pushing driver would cause inconsistent oil temperature, which in turn causes the success rate to drop drastically.
  • Our patented "Friction Welding Machine with Servo Mechanism" uses a servo motor to drive a screw and turns traditional hydraulic pressure values into digital data. Making it possible to produce well coupled Rebar with consistent quality and therefore greatly reinforcing the structural integrity of any building while exceeding government safety regulations. Also, our technology also eliminates any human errors that may be caused by inexperienced workers. And once the verified data have been entered, our machine will handle the rest of the process.


  • This item adopts a T-screw driven by a server motor to replace the traditional mode of using a hydraulic cylinder as the output shaft. This yields stable output under the precision driving of the server motor within 0.1 mm. In addition, the process of friction welding will not be affected by the temperature of oil for assuring the welding quality of the steel bar. It could also be matched with a fully automated machine that helps to save manpower and improve production quantity at a significant level.
  • The innovative technology of this item such as the feeding, cutting, and welding of steel bar materials have earned three patents of new development.